is online dating worth it: Greatest online dating sites for people anxious pertaining to online dating

Let’s face it, the choice of dating apps in this big wide world is overwhelming. Therefore, comparing the options is very important when deciding which of these apps to use. Let’s focus on the most popular ones: TinderGold and happn Premium.

Tinder is obviously known for being the largest dating app in the world and has a reputation for boosting the hump-dump culture. Happn is the dating app known for its GPS technology that enables users to find singles in the local area. You can choose one of the apps right now, but most people just use both.

For this reason I decided to compare the services and functions of the subscriptions. Where do you get more for your money? I primarily look at the features because the prices are quite similar. Unless you are under 25 years old, happn is much cheaper.

Let’s take a look at what these two apps have in common and what features the subscriptions offer. Both have unlimited likes; You can like * Yes * every day as you wish. Both apps spare you advertising. This is a matter of course for paid services, but pure luxury for the user, because there is nothing worse than having to wait half a day shortly before the like.

If you pay a little more for TinderGold, you will get access to the list of profiles that have already liked you. The same goes for happn Premium. In all honesty, hardly anyone here will resist. You want to know who is interested in you.

Tinder has two functions that many neither understand nor use. These are boost and super likes. Boost seems a bit strange because you can’t really see what and if what the function says is happening. As for the Super Likes, many shy away from giving them because they don’t want to be mistaken for too direct or hopeless.

happn offers a game called Crush Time. Just the thing for those who never lose sight of their dating app. The game presents you with a group of profiles and you have to guess which profile you have already liked.

The Passport feature is part of Tinder. The user can choose a place in the world and use his Tinder there. So if you want to get to know someone in another country, the function is made for you.

At happn there is the invisible mode for those who do not always want to be visible on the timeline of others, for example at work or during a family get-together.

happn offers its famous map function. On the map you can see all the people you have met, where and at what time.

Since the prices for under 25s are quite similar, you can only really compare which functions you have with a subscription. Whether you are older or younger than 25, at happn you undoubtedly get more for your money. With Crush Time, the invisible mode and the map, as well as access to the list of profiles that have liked you, happn clearly offers qualitatively more functions than TinderGold. I think most people buy TinderGold for its size and brand awareness, but when it comes to your money, you can be sure of its value for money.

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